Talk to MASTEAM-MATT students


The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain organizes in a weekly basis, different activities like talks, technical visits, etc. for the EETAC Master’s degrees Applied Telecom and Engineering Management (MASTEAM) and Advanced Telecommunications Technologies (MATT) students. Those activities usually invite experienced people from companies, research centers or institutions and allow the students to maintain contact with professionals with experience.

In this context, one of the members of the Caramel project Dr. Pouria Sayyad Khodashenas (@p_khodashenas on Twitter) H2020 CARAMEL Project Coordinator gave a talk to UPC students, he shared information about the Next-Generation Mobility: Protecting the new generation of cars from cybercriminals. On such talk, the EU-funded CARAMEL project was introduced as well its three main pillars:

a) Mobility

b) Telecommunications

c) E-charge.


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