5th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF2020)

IEF 2020 is organized by the Centre for Entrepreneurship of the University of Cyprus in collaboration with PwC Cyprus. The 2020 Forum will bring together AI experts, researchers and professionals, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and game-changers to discuss the Challenge of Artificial Intelligence and address the most defying questions around the future of AI and its impact on society, economy and politics.

Recently our collaborators from University of Cyprus presented “A modular approach to detect GPS location spoofing attack in autonomous vehicles” as part of the activities of the 5th innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF2020): “The Challenge of AI”

Autonomous vehicles can interact with their environment without human interaction through built-in sensors such as radar, rgb, lidar, GPS, ultrasonic that interact with the ECU to make automatic decisions. Therefore, enabling improvements in fuel efficiency, reduction of travel time, reduction of accidents, among others.

However, this dependence on sensor readings makes autonomous vehicles susceptible to attacks. An attacker could send false GPS signals to deceive the autonomous vehicles.

In this context, it’s being presented a cost-effective and modular solution for the AVs to timely and reliably detect and mitigate the GPS spoofing attack. Specifically, we develop an in-vehicle detection scheme that leverages multi-sensor fusion coupled with Bayesian filtering to produce in real-time an alternative GPS-free location stream of the AV that is used to check the integrity of the GPS location stream.

We invite you to watch the video presentation.

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