5th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF2020) 2nd Presentation

IEF 2020 is organized by the Centre for Entrepreneurship of the University of Cyprus in collaboration with PwC Cyprus. The 2020 Forum will bring together AI experts, researchers and professionals, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and game-changers to discuss the Challenge of Artificial Intelligence and address the most defying questions around the future of AI and its impact on society, economy and politics.

Recently our collaborators from University of Cyprus presented their AI research results “DriveGuard: A deep learning technique for countering cyber-attacks against autonomous vehicle camera sub-systems in the context of the H2020 CARAMEL project” as part of the activities of the 5th innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF2020): “The Challenge of AI”


In the context of CARAMEL, we investigate the effect of camera sensor attacks for visual AI tasks in autonomous vehicles and present research results for a deep learning technique called DriveGuard, that act as a defense and mitigation mechanism for autonomous vehicle perception systems. This approach can provide protection against scenarios where an attacker can gain access to vital vehicle components by taking advantage of over-the-air updates in order to instantiate attacks that are not immediately detectable or perceivable, in contrast to just switching components off. DriveGuard utilizes the convolutional autoencoder family of deep learning networks to build an approach for efficient image reconstruction and anomaly detection. The approach will be integrated into an embedded anti-hacking device that will be capable for passive detection of attacks on an autonomous vehicle’s visual perception modules.

Approach to guard the segmentation module. The algorithm identifies different objects on the scene.
Left) Original image, Center) Attacked image, Right) Reconstructed image

You can find more information about this topic at the following video:

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