The AI & Big Data Congress 2021, organised by the Innovation Centre for Data Tech and Artificial Intelligence, will be held on 15th September at the AXA Auditorium in Barcelona.

The congress will be the meeting point for professionals, suppliers, and companies developing or are carrying out projects in the field of AI & Big Data.  

This edition will talk about the new Artificial Intelligence challenges, market trends and best practices of pioneer companies, technological innovations and their applications; and success stories explained in detail. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this event in which Jordi Guijarro (CARAMEL’s Project coordinator) will present a session of the proof of concept envisioned by the CARAMEL project.

H2020 CARAMEL: AI-based cybersecurity for connected and automated vehicles

15th September 2021

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7th edition AI & Big Data Congress | 14-15 September 2021 (

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