CARAMEL 2nd OEM & Partner Workshop

The CARAMEL project will held the second OEM and Partners workshop on 16 November 2021, from 14:00 to 17:00. This workshop aims to present the most outstanding results of the research and development carried out by the different members of the consortium. Furthermore, this workshop is also oriented to OEM representatives, which could increase the visibility of the project and collect opinions on the topics addressed by CARAMEL.

The objective of this workshop will be to highlight the achieved results toward the development of Artificial Intelligence-based cybersecurity for connected and automated vehicles.

The CARAMEL project bases its research on 4 fundamental pillars for the safety of connected autonomous vehicles.

Main Pillars of the project:

Pillar 1: Autonomous Mobility
Pillar 2: Connected mobility
Pillar 3: Electromobility
Pillar 4: Remote Control Vehicle (RCV)

Autonomous Mobility

  • Taxonomy of the attacks.
  • Cyber attacks Detection and Mitigation on Sensing and Navigation modalities.
  • Elevation of Perception Engines as core modules for cyber-attack detection  & mitigation engines.
    • Towards robustifying D-CNNs to tackle adversarial attacks on the scene layer.
  • Multimodality and Redundancy of Sensors beat malicious attacks on CAVs.
  • Fall back actions to enhance safety.
  • Key Performance Indicators for assessing Mitigation Performance.

Connected mobility

  • Interoperability between radio technologies for V2X communications
  • Secure V2X communications and related hardware
  • GNSS, V2X and HW attack detection and response process
  • Vehicle tracking using its signature certificates


  • Communication architecture of an EV charging network

Remote Control Vehicle (RCV)

  • ML-based traffic between 5G-RCV 
  • Control Center anomaly detection
  • prediction algorithm development

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to learn more about the activities carried out to develop cybersecurity based on artificial intelligence for autonomous and connected vehicles.

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