CARAMEL at the IoT Solutions World Congress

The CARAMEL project had a successful participation in the activities of the IoTS WC, thanks to the participation of more than 400 people who were interested in the project and who were offered a personalised explanation through the official project tours or the individual conversation, to inform them about the most outstanding results of the project.

We are grateful for the participation of all the members of the consortium who prepared the videos shown during the days of the congress. We highlight the participation of I2Cat, Capgemini, Panasonic, Atos and Nextium who had the opportunity to be in the testbed offering specific information about the project to each of the visitors to the CARAMEL testbed.

It is relevant to mention that thanks to the participation in this event we were able to establish communication with several cybersecurity organisations through which we will look for future collaboration opportunities.

We appreciate the participation of each visitor because without their visit the CARAMEL testbed demonstration would not have been the same.

We invite you to follow the official project channels where we share the latest news and upcoming events of the project.

H2020 Caramel Project (@caramel_project) / Twitter

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