CARAMEL final review

On 25 August 2022, the CARAMEL project held its final review meeting to evaluate the project’s outcomes.
The meeting was attended by representatives of the European Commission who acted as evaluators, the CARAMEL project officer and representatives of each CARAMEL consortium member company.
Presentations relevant to each of the work packages were made during the meeting. In which the work carried out in the following areas can be highlighted.

  • Overall project technical update – Four pillars
  • Anti Hacking Device
  • Backend Solution

Pillar 4

  • Remote Control Vehicle activities

Pillar 1

  • Physical Layer-Attack on Traffic Signs
  • Cyber-Attacks on Camera Sensor
  • Mitigate attacks on camera sensors using LiDAR
  • Location Spoofing Attack
  • Robust scene analysis and understanding via multimodal fusion
  • Detection and Mitigation of Image Deterioration Attacks on Autonomous Vehicle Camera Sensors

Pillar 2

  • Radio Interoperability, Secure Communications, Privacy Issues,
  • HW OBU design and HW & SW OBU securitization
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Collaboration mitigation and detection mechanism against GPS spoofing
  • In-vehicle Location Spoofing Attack Detection

Pillar 3

  • Smart Charging Abuse
  • Smart Charging Anomaly detection

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