Expected Impact


In early 2018, the World Economic Forum in Davos announced the most serious global risks. The four risks listed were extreme weather events, natural disasters, environmental degradation, and cyber-attacks. These attacks cause the most anxiety for entrepreneurs in developed countries. The anxiety surrounding cyber-security is based on people’s reliance on digital technology. By 2020, experts expect humans to be using 20 billion connected devices, which will doubtlessly create more opportunities for cyber-attacks.

Specific outcomes:

  1. Enhanced protection against novel advanced threats
  2. Advanced technologies and services to manage complex cyber-attacks and to reduce the impact of breaches
  3. The technological and operational enablers of co-operation in response and recovery will contribute to the development of the CSIRT Network across the EU, which is one of the key targets of the NIS Directive
  4. Robust, transversal and scalable ICT infrastructures resilient to cyber-attacks that can underpin relevant domain-specific ICT systems (e.g., for energy) providing them with sustainable cybersecurity, digital privacy and accountability

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