- Project Management

D1.1 Project Presentation and Management Guidelines M03
D1.2 Ethics Framework and Data Management Plan M06
D1.3 Project Innovation Strategy M06
D1.4 1st Project Management Report M12
D1.5 Progress Activity Report & Innovation Assessment M21
D1.6 Final Project Report M30
– Use Cases, Risk Assessment, Requirements and Architecture

D2.1 Report on Detailed Specification of Use Cases M03
D2.2 Report on Threat Analysis and Cyber-Threats M05
D2.3 Specifications of CARAMEL Security and Privacy Requirements M05
D2.4 System Specifications and Architecture M08
– Countermeasures and Mitigation Techniques for Advanced Cybersecurity

D3.1 Automotive Threat Modelling M10
D3.2.x Cyberthreat Detection Using Sparse and Deep Priors M12 M18
D3.3.x Multi-modal Data Fusion Module for Responding Reliably to the Threats M12 M18
D3.4 Cyberthreat Detection and Response Techniques for Cooperative Automated Vehicles M18
D3.5 Cyberthreat Detection and Response Techniques for Plug-in Electrical Vehicles M18
– Cross-cutting Intrusion Detection and Cyberattack Prevention

D4.1 CARAMEL PKI-enabled Vehicle Identity Management System M16
D4.2 Robust to Cyberattack Machine Vison Models Based on Improved Training Methods and Anomaly Detection Deep Networks M16
D4.3 CARAMEL Situational Awareness Solution based on the Machine Learning Applications M16
D4.4 Report on the Fallback Actions for Minimal Risk Condition M16
– Development of Antihacking Device and In-depth Defence

D5.1 Hardware Security Module Specifications M15
D5.2 Report on the Collection and Storage of Data from Smart Vehicle’s Internal Network M18
D5.3 Machine Learning based Detection of Attacks into Antihacking Device M18
D5.4 CARAMEL IDS/IPS Security Module M19
D5.5 Secure Hardware Platform Specification M21
D5.6 CARAMEL Secure Hardware Platform M25
– System Integration, Validation and Demonstration

D6.1 Consolidated CARAMEL Solution and Technical Report M27
D6.2 Pilot Environment and Penetration Testing M27
D6.3 Final Demonstration and Evaluation M30
– Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation of Results

D7.1 Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Plan M07
D7.2 Market Analysis and Exploitation Potentials M11
D7.3 Report of Standardisation, Dissemination, Communication and Digital Presence M19
D7.4 Standardisation, Dissemination, Communication and Digital Presence Final Report M30
D7.5 Roadmapping and Business Modelling Report M30

Find highlighted in blue the CARAMEL’s public deliverables.

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