Connected mobility


In this webinar CARAMEL’s project coordinator introduces the point of view of cybersecurity in future mobility, Dr. Pouria S. Khodashenas mentioned how cybersecurity may become a showstopper if it is not being addressed cautiously, for this reason, CARAMEL project brings together 15 partners from 8 European countries focused on avoiding cybersecurity issues like: confusion on the perception, communication and E-charging systems.

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IoT Solutions World Congress

During the IoT Solutions World Congress 2022 CARAMEL partners organised a recorded a video webinar that explain some of the most important outcomes of the project.

In such Webinar the CARAMEL’s project coordinator gave a small introduction to introduce the 4 main pillars addressed by the project, after which members of the project presented the innovations being demonstrated as part of the CARAMEL testbed.

This webinar is accessible from CARAMEL’s Youtube channel.

Theme: Elation by Kaira.