CARAMEL demo video series

As part of the project’s dissemination activities, we have opted to share video demonstrations of some of CARAMEL’s developments.

Each of the videos is composed of an introduction to the developed system, followed by a general explanation of the system, and finally a presentation of the most outstanding results of the particular system.

Within the scope of the developments presented, you can find systems developed for some of the pillars addressed by Caramel such as:

Pillar 1: Autonomous vehicles
Pillar 2: Connected vehicles

The titles of the videos are

Traffic sign anomaly detection and mitigation pipeline
Detecting possible attacks on the camera sensor using a deep learning approach
In-vehicle Location Spoofing Attack Detection
Holistic Situational Awareness with ML Application
Collaborating mitigation mechanism against GPS spoofing

The videos can be found at the following link or through the following video gallery

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