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During the last months the coordinator of the project Pouria Sayaad Kodashenas has been in constant contact with Korean entities with the purpose of concreting a new mutual agreement of joint work between 3 new Korean entities and the CARAMEL Project. It is a pleasure to announce that this agreement has finally been consolidated.
With this announcement we are keen to welcome the group of companies that from now on have become official members of the CARAMEL consortium.
  • ETRI
KATECH Korea Automotive Technology Research Institute is a research institute in Korea specializing in automotive parts. They were stablished in 1990 with the aim of developing domestic automobile technology research. A lustrum after they expanded their business as an Authorized Testing Institution. improving reliability. During the first decade of the 20th century they have been continuing its development of autoparts with a focus on endeavor quality improvements. After a successful start they have been focusing also on RnD activities.

MOBIGEN is a South Korean company that started its business in 2000, after it opened its R&D Center. Since its establishment, they have been awarded many distinctions due to its outstanding performance. They have been focusing on Big Data & OSS(Operations Support System) Solution Provider for Operators in Major Infra Structure – Telecom, Electricity & Utility, mostly with a focus on Research and Development. The core concept of Mobigen solutions focuses on the Real-time Processing of Massive Data.

ETRI The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute is a Korean government-funded research institution. ETRI makes contribution to the nation’s economic and social development through research, development, and distribution of industrial core technologies in the field of Information, Communications, Electronics, Broadcasting, and Convergence technologies.

Its Role in CARAMEL

Providing trial site and trial execution

Remote driving use case

Vehicle Gateway

Automotive cyber security AI edge HW platform

Cyber attack detection and estimation algorithm based on ML

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