21st GA meeting

Today is being held the CARAMELs 21st general assembly among all members of the consortium. After some months of reluctance to have these live conversations, it is the first face-to-face meeting.

The meeting takes place on the premises of the University of Cyprus, in the library. (Learning Resource Centre – Library “Stelios Ioannou”) Aglantzia, Nicosia.

In this meeting, the project focuses on organising the activities necessary to carry out the final demonstrations of the project, i.e. the participation of the IoTS WC as well as during the final evaluation.

It is also planned to synchronise the activities carried out during the duration of the project so that they are completed on time.

One of the objectives of CARAMEL focuses on designing and implementing detection and response techniques based on artificial intelligence and multimodal fusion of sensors available on autonomous vehicles to mitigate attacks on autonomous vehicles.

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